iPods: More Than an Enjoyable Commodity

Everyday devices such as cell phones, iPods and other MP3 players are actually hazardous to your long-term auditory health, and in a society where bigger and louder is better, it seems duplicitous that such small appliances should pack such a big punch for your ear drums. The in-ear headphones popularized by iPod culture is able to produce a volume of 130 dB, which is just above a loud clap of thunder (120 dB) or just under airplane take-off (140 dB). This level of volume going directly into the ear for a prolonged period of time destroys the tiny hair cells in the ear’s cochlea, which cannot, and will not regenerate. With special attention paid to auditory health (like listening to music on medium volume as opposed to full blast), hearing loss can be avoided.

However, several Health Practioners, particularly Audiologists are cognizant of the fact that any sort of MP3 or iPod device can in fact be detrimental to your hearing. Time Magazine, a particularly credible source, published an interesting article conveying how bad iPods really are for your hearing.

Take a look, and unveil the truth about constant exposure to that hard to miss, beat.



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