The Common Thread

What do rock stars, urban commuters, army members, and gym goers who frequently blast their iPod to gain adrenaline on the treadmill have in common? They are certainly versatile individuals, with unique practices and daily grinds. However, the aforementioned people possess a high susceptibility to pretty mild to severe hearing loss. Whether they are being exposed to noisy subways and ambulance sirens, or inhabit a lifestyle that constitutes loud concerts, or are revered who soldiers who have been exposed to all sorts of high frequency noises, or are cognizant of their health and are blasting their iPods in the gym to run faster and burn more calories- these groups have the potential to damage their hearing. Certainly, this is not always a conscious decision, as we dont realize that even trivial exposures such as public transportation can effect our hearing at a younger age that we would have ever imagined possible. But, of course, as with everything, there are precautionary measures all of us could take.


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