Supporting Us All

It is certainly alarming  that collective noise surpassing 85 dB in an eight hour period is detrimental to hearing and the primary causal factor of hearing loss. Needless to say, such an issue necessitates that all individuals actively participate and contribute to reducing noise levels and instilling a better quality of life for all Americans. Considering this prevalent exposure can affect ourselves as well as our loved ones, collective action can assuage the repercussions of living in a world where our hearing is susceptible to impairment or damage.  The message is simple yet important; we can be our own catalyst for a better and healthier life.

In the meanwhile, it is comforting to know that a product such as PhoneCaption can alleviate qualms about using a telephone. Whether you want to receive captioned text during a phone conversation on your PDA, Blackberry, Cisco IP phone, or computer screen via the internet, PhoneCaption supports a wide array of devices.


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