Caring for your Health and Hearing

The fact of the matter lies in that every individual should care for his or her hearing, as much as they do the rest of their body. Notwithstanding, with a service like PhoneCaption, no longer should the deaf and hard of hearing feel victimized in a world where the ability to hear is often abused by the hearing and heavily susceptible to long term damage. Those with sensorineural hearing loss (nerve-related deafness) or central hearing loss (deafness caused by damage to the central nervous system), many of which suffer these types of hearing loss due to pre-natal complications or age-related hearing decline, now have a way to keep in contact with their hearing counterparts on the phone: and receiving free captions simultaneously. Those for whom a phone is the only way to reach family and friends despite some form of hearing loss, PhoneCaption’s innovative service permits them to do so without frustrations and with text captions as they speak to their hearing counterparts.


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