Anticipated, Approved, Achieved- Free Services for Hard of Hearing and Hearing Impaired

Since January 2009, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  approved American Network to provide IP Relay, Video Relay Services and Phone Captioning to individuals who are hard of hearing or are deaf. PhoneCaption, in particular, caters to hard of hearing individuals and the free service maintains valiant efforts to ease and facilitate communication levels.

The inevitable frustrations that one who is hard of hearing faces when using telephone based technology can be alleviated by having near real time next displayed on their computer screen through the internet in order to understand the other party’s end of the conversation. The notion of having this novel means of communication is promising for the hard of hearing community, instilling much hope for the technological progressions that lie in the near future.

Visit us at for an easy sign up, upon which you will receive a free 800 number to distribute to family, friends, doctors, lawyers, accountants, babysitters, ect.

Certainly, Captioned Telephone is an innovative way of communicating, sans the frustrations that are compounded with solely using a telephone device.


One Response to “Anticipated, Approved, Achieved- Free Services for Hard of Hearing and Hearing Impaired”

  1. joseph Says:

    Do you have certification of HIPAA compliance?

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