Read Your Captions Loud and Clear

Luckily, among all the technology made readily available and accessible to the common, everyday layperson we see shining through an innovative, albeit overdue service that is not only free, but unbelievably convenient. This service is called PhoneCaption and it serves as a means by which those that are hard of hearing can communicate over the phone with their friends and loved ones in a simple and effective fashion. Phone Caption offers those who find it difficult to listen to what is being said on the other line to read what is being said via a text relay service that displays the other party’s words along the base of your phone. The texts are displayed in real time as it is received by the operator in order to mimic real time conversation and minimize any instance of what would’ve once been a fairly staccato back-and-forth. With the quality of this revolutionary service notwithstanding, it is necessary to immerse ourselves in education and facts, enabling individuals to understand what exactly contributes to hearing loss and why people of all ages can and are affected.


2 Responses to “Read Your Captions Loud and Clear”

  1. Hearing Loss Says:

    Phone caption is truly an amazing thing, my Grandmother uses it and it has changed the way she is able to communicate. If anyone has any questions on hearing loss, I actually came across this really great site that offers answers to common questions regarding hearing aids.

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