Reflections of an Empathetic Audiologist

Certainly, the profession of audiology is one that relishes in the science of hearing and the study of auditory vestibular processes, while studying, fully, the anatomy, and physiology, pathology and development of these processes. And, while the science and anatomy bear great consequence on the profession, so do the evaluation, habilitation, rehabilitation, and counseling aspects of being an audiologist.

For the millions of Americans who consult audiologists for help, it is seemingly undoubtful that they yearn for someone who is a true professional; one who has great knowledge of the anatomy and could thus successfully treat the hearing disorder or issue at hand. Consider, for a second, the notion of seeking out a n Audiologist who was Hard of Hearing, himself, and could extend much empathy.

Dr. Mark Ross embodies this empathic counselor and elaborates on his pursuit of audiology after becoming Hard of Hearing at the age of 28. He unveiled a compassion with the field as he found he could help others, and ultimately, himself.


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