Protecting Your Health’s Future, Now.

The dangers of hearing loss are much too often overlooked by today’s youth. In the same capacity, precautions taken by those who are aware of these dangers are often neglected by the youth at large, and little attention is paid to auditory health. How many people do you know that wear earplugs to the movies? How many deejays protect their hearing during sets Rock icons do the same during concerts? How many teenagers are actually aware of the dangerous noise levels their iPod-connected ear buds and headphones can produce? The answer is very few, but more importantly the underlying problem is that a far larger amount, plain and simple, are somewhat careless. Ignorance to the facts are as dangerous, considerably so. Children listening to the MP3 players they often receive nowadays as gifts are not aware of the fact that many of them can reach 115dBA of sound, which is not only extremely damaging to the sensitive hair cells in the inner ear with prolonged exposure, but also manages to slowly rob them of their sense of hearing. As they grow older, they may or may not disregard the dangers of noise pollution, but they will most definitely be exposed to it in some form for the rest of their lives without even being conscious of it.


2 Responses to “Protecting Your Health’s Future, Now.”

  1. Hearing Loss Says:

    This is so true, it is so important that the young ones of today pay attention and protect their hearing. It is most definitely taken for granted and not given much thought by out youth.

    • phonecaption Says:

      Yes, absolutely. Some of the things we can do now to actively protect are hearing are quite effective. The problem with noise induced hearing loss is that it often appears later on in life.

      Thank you for your comments! Have you personally signed up?

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