Shedding Light And Hope to PhoneCaption Users

The good news is that now everyone who has been unfortunately afflicted by problems with their hearing can be assured that they will not have difficulty using this PhoneCaption and that  the entirety of their conversation will be relayed in plain sight, making it easily readable. For the millions of American senior-citizens who are not as adept with extraneous computer software as their generational predecessors, Phone Caption provides a way to communicate without having purchase additional software or download superfluous programs in order to keep in touch, since Phone Caption works using a web interface. While straining to understand what is being said to you is as irksome as it is time consuming, struggling to learn how to use complicated software effectively in order to communicate via Skype may be a bit difficult for those of earlier generations. Nevertheless, Phone Caption mitigates these problems in a much more time-resourceful manner: by relaying messages as they are voiced over the phone. All in all, Phone Caption sees a bright future ahead, for both its own success and for the hard of hearing community at large.


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