Taking Precautionary Measures, Now.

Learning about auditory health is not only something that should be practiced by individuals, but also implemented in educational institutions so that we do not eventually become victims of hearing loss and suffer the consequences of our unknowing actions. And even if our schools did include more auditory health education, how many students would actually proceed to take on the noisy world in a responsible manner? The answer, unfortunately, is that, even with a rigorous health education, many of us still fail to monitor our own health.

Auditory health is an essential component of everyday life. t deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as exercise, healthy diets, personal hygiene and safe sex. Just as individuals who eat an inadequate for many years may develop hypertension or type 2 diabetes, those who abuse their auditory organs may develop hearing impairments or deafness.

Education is an integral part of treating hearing loss. That’s why PhoneCaption is here to help. Our goal is not only to offer a free service that facilitates communication, but to educate the communities we serve.



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