National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Since 1988, October has been designated as National Disability Employment Awareness Month in the USA.

This year, President Obama made the following statement:

“My Administration is committed to ensuring that all Americans have the chance to fulfill their potential and contribute to our nation. Across this country, millions of people with disabilities are working or want to work, and they should have access to the support and services they need to succeed.

As the nation’s largest employer, the Federal Government and its contractors can lead the way by implementing effective employment policies and practices that increase opportunities and help workers achieve their full potential. We must also rededicate ourselves to fostering an inclusive work culture that welcomes the skills and talents of all qualified employees. That’s why I’ve asked the responsible agencies to develop new plans and policies to help increase employment across America for people with disabilities.”

Some of those plans and policies include a federal government-wide job fair for persons with disabilities in early 2010, town hall meetings in Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans regarding the ADA Amendments Act, an informational video for the Department of Justice regarding common myths held by employers about workers with disabilities, and a task force to study model practices for recruiting, retaining, and advancing employees with disabilities.


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