Study shows ear infections may be caused by air pollution

Childhood ear infections are so prevalent in the USA that they cost billions of dollars to treat every year.

Researchers at UCLA and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have determined that there is a significant correlation between childhood ear infections and air quality, with an increased rate of infection in geographical areas effected by air pollution and a steady decrease in infections as air quality improves.

For more details, please see the linked article at the AudiologyOnline website:


“Lazy ear” as cause of hearing deprivation

Scientists at have gained insight into a cause of hearing loss that stems from early childhood.

Just as “lazy eye” is caused by lapses in one eyes transmission of signals to the brain during critical development times, hearing loss may be caused by lapses in auditory transmission during childhood development.

Just as eye training can correct “lazy eye,” scientists are studying the ways in which ear training can be used to prevent future hearing loss.

Article at Science Daily

Despite what you may have heard, there’s no boom in deafness

Excerpt from article:

[D]epending on volume and duration, the harm caused by very loud music can either be temporary, lasting up to 48 hours, or more permanent: “If you go to a hard-rock concert, and it’s really loud and your ears are ringing when you go home or you feel like you’ve got cotton in your ear, that’s not as worrisome as someone who listens to blaring music at top volume, day in, day out, who is more likely to have permanent damage to the receptor cells in the inner ear.”

Youtube turns on auto-captioning for all videos

Youtube has now turned on auto-captioning for all videos. This means that Google’s voice recognition software will automatically supply captions for every video uploaded to Youtube.

Of course voice recognition software often makes mistakes, especially when dealing with poor audio and when it is processing audio quickly.

If you have uploaded any videos to Youtube, you can easily correct the mistakes in the captions. This will enable many more web users to get maximum enjoyment from your video.

For more details, please see the following article at ReadWriteWeb.

Drugs with tinnitus as sound effect: an important resource!

Do you feel the effects of tinnitus? (Ringing in the ears?)

Are you currently taking any prescription medication?

Many people take prescription medications without knowing that the drug may cause tinnitus.

If you are trying to determine the cause of your tinnitus, or are worried that starting a new medication may exacerbate your tinnitus, check the following link to see if your prescriptions may cause tinnitus.

If your prescription appears on the list, you may want to consult your physician and do additional research as well.

Drugs with Tinnitus Side Effects